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Placing a bespoke order from Unidoors is as simple as ABC.Simply choose your preferred style and send us all your measurements. The rest is left to us.
Here are some valuable tips on how to accurately measure your kitchen.
How To measure your kitchen
Measuring your old doors
First, make a list of all the doors that you want to replace so that you can remember to measure each and every one of them.
When measuring, keep in mind that the measurement that we work with is the front, and not the cabinets. So, if you are replacing your existing doors, drawer fronts or end panels, be sure to measure just the fronts and not the cabinets.
Please ensure that you measure in millimetres, as this is the unit of measurement that we use at Unidoors.
If we will be drilling holes in your doors for hinges, we ask that you measure from the top of your door the top hinge’s centre of the desired hole location. Do the same from the bottom of the door to the centre of the desired hole location for the bottom hinge. Please understand that larger doors may need as many as 3 or 4 hinges, so we ask that you measure accordingly and follow the instructions on the product page.
Measuring your cabinets for new doors
If your kitchen is a newly built one that has yet to have doors installed, please note that you will have to use the dimensions of the cabinet carcass to determine the correct sizes;
In-frame doors
We will need the internal dimensions for doors that are to sit inside the frame of your cabinet carcass. The doors will be a little smaller than the cabinets, and are normally about 5mm shorter and 4mm narrower the internal dimensions of the carcass, so take note of this.
Frameless / overlay doors
We will need the external dimensions for doors if you want your doors to sit on top of the cabinet carcass such that it covers it. Please bear in mind that your new door will need to cover the entire cabinet front so that it can properly hide the frame underneath. You also need to take into consideration the fact that your doors should not be too close together, so that they can open freely.
Once you have sent us your measurement with your order, the first thing we will do is to review the order in case it contains obvious errors. If there are any, we will contact you so that you can review the order. Whether there are errors or not though, we will always contact you after receiving your order just to cross check that the details are ok before we send your order to production.
It is a house policy to wait 48 hours before we send orders to production, just so we give you the chance to change your order if there are any changes to be made.
After 48 hours, all changes are chargeable. The reason for this is because adding another item to your order after 48 hours often disrupts the production process, is usually very time-consuming and expensive. This is why we encourage you to make all your changes within the allotted 48-hour period.
After we have received your changes (if you have any), we will commence the production process for your doors. After this process, we will send them off to be painted.
Please understand that painting is an art that we simply cannot rush. Because of this, there are times we may take longer while painting your doors to ensure a photo finish, particularly for dark colors. 
Every single door then goes through a quality assurance check before we wrap them for delivery. We personally deliver all doors so as to ensure that you get them in perfect condition.
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