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In Frame Kitchen cabintets

Come with a sense of quality, tradition, and timeless appeal

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Our vision of In Frame Cabinets
The gorgeous in-frame designs of our kitchens add a bespoke, high-end ambiance that can offset just about any type of home. Wide color pallets infused with meticulous design touches and quality materials can produce a stunning finish.
Many of the in-frame selections we provide are carefully designed and can instill a timeless-but-contemporary feel in your kitchen. In-frame kitchens can become any home’s centerpiece.
They exude luxury and sophistication. As such, if you’re in search of cabinetry with basic detailing, and are open to integrating it with a traditional appearance, you’ll find exactly what you’re in search of here.
 Smart styling and excellent quality can help you make a unique statement inside your home.
In-Frame Kitchens: What Are They?

An in-frame kitchen (or “inset kitchen,” as they say in America) is essentially a cabinet door containing a wood frame. That frame gets fixed onto a carcass’ front face.

Inset frames strengthen the front area of cabinetry. They are also aesthetically pleasing. In-frame kitchens use conventional cabinet furniture to optimize durability, as well as exhibit traditional craftsmanship.

For centuries now, just about every cabinet furniture item was constructed with an in-frame approach where a cabinet’s door would be fitted perfectly inside a wood carcass. The idea of customized fitted kitchens that featured in-frame cabinetry only started to grow in popularity during the early part of the 1900s.

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In-Frame cabinets
Framed, in-frame, or inset kitchens can be likened to a picture frame. This extrusion tends to be attached to a kitchen cabinet, creating the appearance of a very subtle border, no matter what door style you choose. They are quite popular with traditionalists. Framed inset kitchens provide a style that have passed by one trend after another. They aren’t going away anytime soon.

Some of our in fame units

In-frame selections in our inventory
Each selection in our inventory contains nothing short of high quality, and will give you absolute value for your money.
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