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If you are looking to create the kitchen of your dreams, why not browse our doors for inspiration for your future kitchen. You will only find the most beautiful high-quality products here at Unidoors.

Some of our Products
What Makes an Unidoors different from all the rest?
Paint Finish
We have more than 6 year of spraying experience to achieve a picture-perfect finish. We then make sure to inspect every paint job by hand to ensure that it is as faultless as possible. You will get many years of use out of them.
We use computerised machinery to the limit of material tolerance to make sure that your items are cut to the exact size that you require.
Then we turn over your pieces to our highly skilled craftsmen who give it the perfect finish by paying special attention to detail.
We are a truly bespoke company, and are immensely proud of the way we bring our customer’s dreams to life by customizing doors and all other accessories without compromising on colour, size or shape.
At the end of it all, you will get a kitchen that is truly made for you, bearing in mind your tastes and aesthetics.

Kitchen fronts
Our range of bespoke doors and drawer fronts
Wardrobe doors
Wardrobe doors.


Veneer doors
Veneer doors
J handles / pull handles
J handles and pull handles


Shadow gap, v groove, hinge holes 
There is nothing quite as being able to hold and handle a sample of your intended finished product. This is why we offer samples, so that you have the opportunity to see, feel and handle the quality and of a made to order kitchen.
Please note that we do not offer paint color choices in free samples.